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During a child’s time in school, they may find that they need extra help with their learning. When we give children some extra help we might put them on a special register. This is called the Special Educational Needs Register. Sometimes this is just for a short period of time, sometimes it is longer. At Walsden St Peter's CE School we try very hard to make sure that every child achieves their full potential. We will offer your child some extra help, which we think that they need at the moment, through carefully planned intervention and resourcing. Their work will be carefully planned and you will be invited in to help us with this planning.

We keep families informed about their child's progress and development. Your child’s progress will be shared with you at our parent’s evenings but you will also be invited into school to plan and review their ILDP (Individual Learning and Development Plan). 

Stages of SEND

QFT (Quality First Teaching)  & class intervention 

SEN Support 

EHC Plan